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We are now known as a leader providing fitness models to the health, fitness and sporting goods industry., Santa Barbara talent is based in the nation's health and fitness hub, Santa Barbara, California. We have access to a great number of model athletes and general fitness models. We have provided fitness models to clients such as GNC (Lead Spokes Model), Bass Pro Shops, Mizuno USA, Deckers, Purnell Gear, Global Physique, Dick's Sporting Goods, Horny Toad, XEN International, FRS 5 Hour Energy, Body Post and Yesterday Sportswear to name a few clients. We are always open to recruit new local talent. If you need fitness models for your project, contact us for more information.

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Santa Barbara Fitness Models:

TARA - Santa Barbara Model

Age: 28, 5’7” | Eyes:Brown, Hair:Brown | Dress size:2, Shoe:7.5. | Fitness model | more info.
Santa Barbara Model 1.jpg Santa Barbara Model 2.jpg Santa Barbara Model 3.jpg

RIKKI - Santa Barbara Model

Age: 31, 5'10" | Eyes:Brown, Hair:Black | Shoe:9. | Fitness model | more info.
Santa Barbara Model jModels-Paseo-Nuevo-2015-4456.jpg Santa Barbara Model jModels-Paseo-Nuevo-2015-4468.jpg Santa Barbara Model jModels-Paseo-Nuevo-2015-4921.jpg

CARISA - Los Angeles Model

Age: 32, 5'8" | Eyes:Blue, Hair:Brown | Dress size:2-4, Shoe:8.5. | Fitness model | more info.
Los Angeles Model CAimage-Carisa-5921.jpg Los Angeles Model CAimage-Carisa-6001.jpg Los Angeles Model CAimage-Carisa-6215.jpg

CORLE - Goleta Model

Age: 33, 5'7" | Eyes:Brown, Hair:Brown | Dress size:0, Shoe:6. | Fitness model | more info.
Goleta Model JMOD_Corle-Bunch-4403.jpg Goleta Model JMOD_Corle-Bunch-4606.jpg Goleta Model JMOD_Corle-Bunch-4762.jpg

ASHLEY - Ventura Model

Age: 46, 5'8" | Eyes:Brown, Hair:Blond | Dress size:6, Shoe:8.5. | Fitness model | more info.
Ventura Model jModels_Ashley_6791.jpg Ventura Model jModels_Ashley_6838.jpg Ventura Model jModels_Ashley_7082.jpg

EMILY - Santa Barbara Model

Age: 30, 5'10" | Eyes:Blue/Green, Hair:Blond | Dress size:3, Shoe:9.5. | Fitness model | more info.
Santa Barbara Model jModels_4612.jpg Santa Barbara Model jModels_Emily_4532.jpg Santa Barbara Model jModels_Emily_4926.jpg

JENAH - Santa Barbara Model

Age: 34, 5'11" | Eyes:Brown, Hair:Brown | Dress size:4, Shoe:9. | Fitness model | more info.
Santa Barbara Model FIT_JENAH_4233.jpg Santa Barbara Model FIT_JENAH_4439.jpg Santa Barbara Model FIT_JENAH_4552.jpg

NATALIE - San Francisco Model

Age: 36, 5'7" | Eyes:Blue, Hair:Brown | Dress size:2, Shoe:8.5. | Fitness model | more info.
San Francisco Model CAIMG_8963.jpg San Francisco Model d3.jpg San Francisco Model d4.jpg

STACY - Ventura Model

Age: 37, 5'5" | Eyes:Green, Hair:Blond | Dress size:2, Shoe:7.5. | Fitness model | more info.

WILL - Goleta Model

Age: 36, 5'10 | Eyes:Brown, Hair:Brown | Dress size:N/A, Shoe:11.5. | Fitness model | more info.